About me

My name is Alex. I was born in Thessaloniki in 1984 and grown up in Larissa, a small city in central Greece. I have studied Audiovisual Arts in the University of the Aegean (Department of Cultural Technology and Communication) and got my Master in 3D Animation from the Glasgow School of Arts.

These are the shows I have participated as well as my exhibitions:

Photography Exhibition titled “Moments and Glances: Locals and immigrants on the south of Europe“, Insitut Francais of Larissa, Thessaly, Greece, 27/10/2010 – 12/11/2010.

Photography Exhibition titled “Moments and Glances: Locals and immigrants on the south of Europe“, 8th Antiracist Festival, Larissa, Greece, 23/09/2011

Premiere of “Second Chance” at Columbus Premiere Gateway Film Center, 28/02/2010

3rd winning place in Artfools Video Festival with the short movie “Second Chance”, February 2011, Greece

..and my working experience:

14.04.2012 – present: Director of Photography/Editor in “Anasa” short film, directed by Dimitra Giannouka.

03.03.2012 – 30.03.2012: Director/Editor in “Close enough” music video clip.

18.02.2012: Director of Photography/Cameraman in the Pilot of an online series, directed by Darian Evans.

01.02.2012: Photographer of “The World Walks for Water and Sanitation” campaign.

20.01.2012 – 22.01.2012: Stills Photographer in a short movie, called “The Shot”, by Pai Takavarasha.

02.12.2011 – 10.12.2011: Director of Photography in a music video clip, called “Goodbye”, for IFA Production.

01.12.2011 – 30.12.2011: Director / Director of Photography / Editor in solo violin music clip of Penelope Kaempf, performing Bach music piece.

19.11.2011 – 31.01.2012: Freelance Event Photographer at Dayfame, London.

04.04.2010 – 03.05.2010: Creation of a minute 3D Animated video which was used as an introduction and starting titles in a greek short movie, called Parathiro sto Oneiro (translated title: Window to a Dream). The whole movie was made by the Showtime Production.

18.02.2010 – 24.02.2010: Creation of a 3D Animated Logo for “Showtime Production”, Cinematography Company.

08.12.2009 – 16.12.2009: Audiovisual Digital recording for the making of, of a greek theatrical show, called “Gargalistis”.

2007 – 31.05.2008: Sound engineer and cameraman assistant in the external TV workshop of Fani’s Spyroglou studio; the last cooperates with the public radio-television channel “ERT”.